Various Ways a Kitchen Mixer Can be Useful to You

We like kitchen mixers because they make our cooking and baking a lot easier. However, upon buying a kitchen mixer one tends to feel limited to the uses of the mixer and might wonder whether it was a worthy investment. According to The Kitchen Revival, a website that reviews mixers, there are so many creative ways as to which this kitchen gadget can be used. Here are various ways a kitchen mixer can be useful for you and save your time and money.

Whipped Cream

We use whipped cream in pies, cakes, ice cream and much more. With a kitchen mixer, you no longer have to buy the grocery whipped cream. You can create your own within a short period. The best thing is that home-made whipped cream has no preservative making it even healthier.


All you need is cold heavy cream, vanilla or any other flavor, and maple syrup or honey or sugar. Then you place your mixer in the fridge to chill for twenty minutes. Thereafter, pour the ingredients in the mixer, and mix them in the right quantities. There you have your sweet, healthy whipped cream at a low cost.

Shredded Chicken

We all know how long it takes to hand shred chicken. If you are a lover of shredded chicken but dread spending much time hand shredding, a kitchen mixer is your solution. Toss your cooked chicken breasts in the kitchen mixer and leave the machine to do the shredding for you. It is easy and fast.


When the mixer does the mixing for you, making meatballs becomes a lot easier and faster for you.

Mashed Potatoes

Do you wonder why your mashed potatoes aren’t as smooth and consistent as those of your favorite restaurant? Then the kitchen mixer is the item you need. A kitchen mixer will help you prepare smoothly whipped garlic potatoes, which you will love.


Guacamole can be easily prepared and mixed using hands. So you might wonder, what difference does it making using a kitchen mixer for your guacamole? The answer is that a kitchen mixer makes the guacamole creamy and more consistent. If you are hosting friends or family members, they will not believe that the guacamole is homemade.

Bread and Muffins

One of the key challenges in making great muffins and quick bread is how to avoid over-mixing. Well, with a mixer, all you need to do is put in the dry and the wet ingredients in the mixer, and observe to get your desired consistency. A mixer helps you time your mixing period and well as speed. In addition, it helps incorporate all ingredients evenly.



Whether you want to make dough for your pizza or any other reason, a kitchen mixer comes in handy. It saves you the kneading time and energy. The best thing is that all this is done in a contained space. Thus, you have less cleaning to do afterward.

With all these benefits, a kitchen mixer is definitely a worthy investment. As you shop for one, remember to consider, the brand, size, and type of kitchen mixer suitable for your needs.