Buying Guide for Gas Trimmers

There are different types of trimmers. The standard models include gas, corded and cordless models. This article is going to discuss the factors considered when choosing a gas trimmer and the essential features of this machine. This is a helpful gas trimmer buying guide. Gas hedge trimmers are preferred for trimming grass off in large areas. It is also used in clearing away the thick underbrushes. Again they are more powerful than the electric models.

They are known for offering long runtimes and mobility. Most of them are designed with pull start. Others come with particular powered devices that can be purchased separately. You are advised to use the recommended fuel when using this machine. Ideally, you should read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that your device is properly fuelled. They also require more maintenance and care.

Short Review of Gas Trimmers

The following are some of the essential things that you should remember when using these devices:
4-Cycle engines– These engines are purely run on gasoline. This means that you don’t need to mix fuel. These engines are relatively heavier as compared to the 2-cycle engine.
2-cycle engines– This is another model of gas trimmers which provides a good balance of weight and power. It is run on a mixture of gasoline and oil. You can either purchase the pre-mixed fuel or mix it yourself.
Spring-assist starting– These trimmers are easy to crank.


Main Features of A Gas Trimmer

A trigger lock

The trim head should always be locked when it is in use to prevent accidents. Most trimmers use a throttle or trigger lock. This switch is in a convenient location where it can be accessed easily.

Ample Safety Guards

These are protective shields that protect the user from flying objects/debris. If your machine has a well-designed guard block, it is always advisable to wear closed clothes, safety goggles. This will make sure that your body is protected against rocks and airborne grass.


Remember that it is the user who bears the weight of this machine. This means that you should choose a device that is easy and comfortable to carry. This will also make it easy for you when maneuvering around the landscaping. Most of the modern models come with shoulder straps which can help the user in removing the unnecessary burden from his/her arms.

Powerful Trimming Capabilities

A powerful trimmer should be capable of taking down tall grass and unruly weed. Such trimmers are designed with dual nylon lines. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding cutting lines.