Home Care: How to Deal With Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are never a pleasant sight because they expose all the dirty water and slurry from the house and leave the place looking messy. They can also be sources of lousy odor that send you gasping for fresh air. You can deal with the problem in a few easy steps and every homeowner needs to know the following issues that affect the options for handling Birmingham blocked drains. Find out more by going through this guide on how to deal with blocked drains.

Is the drain inside or outside?

drainageFinding out where the blockage occurred in your drain should be the first step as it affects the solutions applicable to the situation. Outside blocking is usually due to the build-up of dead leaves and tree roots and other debris. Inside blockage is mostly due to heavy materials and things like polythene bags that will not dissolve in water when flushed.

Use chemical cleaners

Many vendors offer DIY chemical cleaners for unclogging drainage at home or in your business premises. They work effectively in most cases because of the breakdown of most of the material causing the clog.

Unfortunately, not all chemical solutions are good for the environment. Some of them can introduce toxicities that affect your health or the appearance of your garden by killing vegetation that comes meets the drainage water. They may also interfere with nearby water systems.

Use natural home remedies

Household kitchen cleaning solution such as lemon juice and apple cider vinegar can help unclog drainages that block from the inside of the house. They may work when the blockage is due to the buildup of fats and other hard to dissolve substances that pass through your sink.

These options are most suitable for handling clog. The inclusion of salt, in this case, can be very effective as it has the capability of eating away the clog. You will also need to intervene mechanically using a plunger and a hanger to pull out the clog after it breaks down.

Call the expert drainage handlers

drainage homeSometimes calling plumbers is the best solution for you because the problem is recurring and you do not have time to go through the DIY routine. Unlike you, the plumber understands drainages and the tools necessary to handle almost any problem that could be affecting your system.

Plumbers also tend to offer a permanent solution because they inspect the system, find out the cause of the problem and then clean the system. They will also install additional safety and prevention features to ensure the clog does not happen again.

For instance, they could add more filter within the piping or increase the diameter of the pipes so that it can accommodate most of the substances passing through it.

Separate your plumbing systems

The nature of wastewater from your house might differ from different rooms and activity areas. Separation of the piping from these rooms to ensure that they merge at an accessible place that is easy to clean can be a permanent solution to your drainage blockage problems. However, you should only consider this option when the problems you have are recurrent.