area rugs

Furniture can set the tone of your room, but more interior design elements can affect the style and theme of your room. Whereas table lamps will provide task lighting and your throw pillows give some degree of comfort to your cozy sofa, the easiest way of improving is by using area rugs. The following tips will help you choose the right area rugs for your home.

Figure out the theme of your room

Floor coverings usually come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Before you go to the store or online, you have to know the room’s theme. This helps to narrow down colors and patterns into the ones that will best suit the room. Eye-catching area rugs may give ideas of decorating the remaining parts of the room.theme

Do not go for too small rugs

The most common mistake when it comes to buying new floor coverings is selecting rugs that are too small for your space. This may seem counterintuitive but select a rug that is slightly larger than your furniture space. This way your room will feel larger and your furniture will seem more tied in even if they entirely do not match.

Do not hesitate to cover hardwood floors

Most people usually think that because their floor is hardwood, they cannot use floor coverings. While the decision to cover a hardwood floor is up to the homeowner, you should not feel discouraged from using floor coverings. The right color and pattern can enhance the wood’s natural beauty and pull the room together in a manner that would not be easy to achieve otherwise.

Use non-slip pads

When you place a carpet on vinyl, floor, hardwood or tiles, they tend to slide around. You can use a non-slip pad will keep the area rug in its place without having to damage the floor with glue or adhesive strips. This makes it possible to relocate the floor covering without any damages to floor finishes below the carpet. Besides, non-slip pads provide an added cushion layer making your floor covering much more comfortable to walk on.

Layer the rug on top of carpet

The fact that your room has a wall-wall carpet does not mean you cannot benefit from decorative floor coverings. Large spaces of just plain carpets can wash out the furniture and reduce the impact of interior design elements on the available space. Adding bold colors or patterns to the floor will help break up the plain spaces.

Use the right space

shapeRound tables, whether large dining tables or side tables, look best with round floor coverings beneath them. Choose options with the same shape as your table to unify your room’s look. Ensure also that your carpet is proportionate to your table. Keep in mind that rectangular carpets work best in sitting areas and living rooms where the furniture is clustered together.