Benefits of a garden turf

A garden turf is a weed-free green grass that is grown for use for a variety of areas like the front lawns, community areas, schoolyards, and gardens. This grass is specially grown to the highest possible standard. Garden turfs are an excellent way of covering up dirt ground, bare ground and gaining a bright, beautiful grassy lawn without waiting for the seedlings to grow. It also comes with many benefits like being climate savvy and eco-friendly. Here are some of the surprise benefits.

Provide oxygen

It is not known to many is that garden turfs can provide a significant amount of required oxygen and simultaneously trap and unwanted pollution of air. Turfs also have a natural cooling effect which is greater than what tree provide for us, and this is highly beneficial towards controlling the climate.polllution

Captures unwanted pollutants

Smoke, exhaust fumes, dust and other air pollutants can cause a detrimental effect on the society today. Garden turfs, however, captures these harmful, unwanted pollutants and filters them into the soil thus making the air safer for us to breathe in.

Erosion control

Turfs are also known for their ability to retain water as well as controlling erosion. Without turf heavy rainfalls can ruin masses of fertile and valuable soils. Turf cleverly cleans and filters water that comes in contact with it . It also allows water to trickle away gently without causing any major damages to the soil.


Turf in naturally a sound proofer which can reduce sound by up to 10Db. This is great for blocking any unwanted traffic noise in the busy residential areas.

Increase property value

Garden turf can increase the value of your property significantly and create a happier atmosphere within the home. Its visual image of lush green ground alone has a higher appeal than gravel, sand, concrete or pebbles. You and your family can feel more inclined to go outside and enjoy the garden when greeted by a carpet comfort.

Allows you enjoy your outdoors

enjoy outdoorIn the kind of urbanized world we live in today, a garden turf can provide you with enough reason to enjoy your home outdoors. Green grassy ground will naturally invite people to sit down and relax in public areas as well as play games. Its softness means it is safer for children to play on as they are not likely to get injured if they fall on the garden turf than if they fall on concrete.

Garden turf has abundant benefits, so you need to get a garden turf for your home enjoys some of these benefits.