What to Look for in Property Manager

Not everyone has the time to manage their house to look neat and clean every day, most of the time you need help from someone to clean it, or you need to allocate a special time for that on the weekends. On top of your daily life struggles, work, and many other things, managing your other properties can be a hassle since you can not take it lightly. There is a lot of work in deciding what you want to do with it and how you can do it, for these reasons hiring a property manager is the best solution. With someone like that, you can relax, and they will do all work for you to make sure that the property will not be a waste of an asset that is doing nothing. If you are thinking of using this service, here are some factors that you might want to remember when you look for one.

Price that you have to pay

Nothing is free in this world, from eating to showering and taking a rest will require you to make money and contribute to the economy wheel before you can enjoy all the things that other humans have created. Make a budget for how much are you willing to pay and compare it with property management fees to see if you can actually afford it.

Business ethics and values

workThere is no joy in doing business with someone that has different values with us; you want to make sure that you are hiring someone that understands and want to achieve the same things that you want. For example, if you value honesty, you do not wish to work with someone that only cares about the profit because that can create future problems for both of you.

Their track record and performance

PCNothing will speak better about the capability and knowledge of a property manager than their track record because if most of their past clients are happy, there is only a slim chance that you will be unhappy with the work. You do not want to risk your money, property, and time in the hand of someone that does not have a great performance.

Your personal judgment

The last thing that will be different for everyone is personal judgment. Every people will have their own ways to determine how right it feels to work with someone because sometimes you need to use your intuition as well in doing business.


Various Ways a Kitchen Mixer Can be Useful to You

We like kitchen mixers because they make our cooking and baking a lot easier. However, upon buying a kitchen mixer one tends to feel limited to the uses of the mixer and might wonder whether it was a worthy investment. According to The Kitchen Revival, a website that reviews mixers, there are so many creative ways as to which this kitchen gadget can be used. Here are various ways a kitchen mixer can be useful for you and save your time and money.

Whipped Cream

We use whipped cream in pies, cakes, ice cream and much more. With a kitchen mixer, you no longer have to buy the grocery whipped cream. You can create your own within a short period. The best thing is that home-made whipped cream has no preservative making it even healthier.


All you need is cold heavy cream, vanilla or any other flavor, and maple syrup or honey or sugar. Then you place your mixer in the fridge to chill for twenty minutes. Thereafter, pour the ingredients in the mixer, and mix them in the right quantities. There you have your sweet, healthy whipped cream at a low cost.

Shredded Chicken

We all know how long it takes to hand shred chicken. If you are a lover of shredded chicken but dread spending much time hand shredding, a kitchen mixer is your solution. Toss your cooked chicken breasts in the kitchen mixer and leave the machine to do the shredding for you. It is easy and fast.


When the mixer does the mixing for you, making meatballs becomes a lot easier and faster for you.

Mashed Potatoes

Do you wonder why your mashed potatoes aren’t as smooth and consistent as those of your favorite restaurant? Then the kitchen mixer is the item you need. A kitchen mixer will help you prepare smoothly whipped garlic potatoes, which you will love.


Guacamole can be easily prepared and mixed using hands. So you might wonder, what difference does it making using a kitchen mixer for your guacamole? The answer is that a kitchen mixer makes the guacamole creamy and more consistent. If you are hosting friends or family members, they will not believe that the guacamole is homemade.

Bread and Muffins

One of the key challenges in making great muffins and quick bread is how to avoid over-mixing. Well, with a mixer, all you need to do is put in the dry and the wet ingredients in the mixer, and observe to get your desired consistency. A mixer helps you time your mixing period and well as speed. In addition, it helps incorporate all ingredients evenly.



Whether you want to make dough for your pizza or any other reason, a kitchen mixer comes in handy. It saves you the kneading time and energy. The best thing is that all this is done in a contained space. Thus, you have less cleaning to do afterward.

With all these benefits, a kitchen mixer is definitely a worthy investment. As you shop for one, remember to consider, the brand, size, and type of kitchen mixer suitable for your needs.


How to Choose a Soundproof Curtain

If you live in a busy area where cars and people always move every time, you need a soundproof curtain. Because the commotion will likely to interrupt you and you will never concentrate on your daily activities. If you decide to purchase a soundproof curtain, make sure that you know the best tips to put into an account. There are many different types and therefore ensure that you know the best form of soundproof curtain to purchase. Here are some of the tips that you are required to consider when choosing a soundproof curtain.

Research First

research firstBefore you go to the market to purchase your soundproofing curtains, make sure that you conduct your research and at least know some of the tips you need to put into consideration. While you are doing your research, you are likely to find the best curtains that will suit your requirements. Investigate the curtain and note down the important aspects you need to put into consideration. You may also decide to visit the internet and find out the buying tips you are recommended to consider.

Overall Size

Soundproof curtains come in different shapes and even sizes. Therefore, when you are choosing one, you need to check on the overall size. Usually, you need a curtain that matches the size of the window that you are planning to hang them on. But when it comes to soundproof curtains, you are supposed to buy curtains that are three times wider than your window. Even though this may seem to be excessive, the extra size of the curtain will help in maximizing their coverage.

Curtain Rods

When you are planning to purchase a soundproof curtain, you are required to have the best curtain rods. When we talk of the best, we mean a rod that can hold the weight of your curtain. There are many types of curtain rods you will find in the market. But when making your purchase, ensure that you pick one that will fit your window and match with the design of the curtain.


the weight of the curtainThe weight of a soundproof curtain is also another essential factor you need to consider. If you do not want any disturbance when doing your tasks, then choose a more massive curtain. Even though it has its challenges, it will help you to stay comfortable because it plays an important role when it comes to sound canceling. Therefore, make sure that you consider selecting a heavy soundproof curtain.


Five of the Best Reasons to Rent an Apartment

For many people, it is very comfortable to rent or live in apartments that buying a house. This is because there are many benefits you can enjoy living in apartments over buying a house. However, when you are looking for a house to rent, make sure that you have determined your needs and you know the best apartment you need. After you have found the best apartment you were looking for, the following are some of the benefits you are likely to enjoy.

1. Less Cleaning

easy to cleanWhen you are renting an apartment, one of the benefits you will get is less cleaning. There are many apartments out there that have smaller spaces while others have bigger rooms to rent. If you pick an apartment that has smaller rooms, this means that you will spend less time cleaning. Also, it is effortless to clean your room because you are the only one living in it and you cannot be comfortable staying in a dirty room.

2. No Maintenance

When you rent an apartment, you will be responsible for all damages that you will cause in your specific room. Due to this rule, most of the people are careful, and they do not want to incur extra expenses repairing the rooms. That is why you find out that there is no maintenance since homeowners are in charge of repainting and even repairing or fixing their broken pipes.

3. Extra Amenities

Most apartments come with extra amenities that are likely to make you feel more comfortable in them. Some of the best facilities you are likely to find in some apartments include entertaining areas, swimming pools, and gyms. These amenities will help you save a lot of money and time because you will get them free without paying anything.

4. Flexibility

When you live in an apartment, you can freely move room to the other based on your likes and preferences. But it is important to make sure that you adhere to the rules of the homeowner before you decide to shift from one area to the other within the apartment. Also, some apartments are meant for adults only an example of an adult only building in Leduc.

5. Low Cost

affordable apartmentsIt is essential to note that apartment living can be more cost-effective than house living. This is because there are many expenses you are likely to incur if you decide to buy a house. You will also realize that most apartments are cheap and they have enough amenities compared to a mortgage or a house. Also, most apartments can be sustainable because many people are living close to the apartments and this means that your house will retain heat from other apartments. This, therefore, reduces the amount of heat that is used in your apartment.


Qualities of a Good Garage Door Company

Garage door repairs are among the most sensitive issues that need to be direly looked into. The garage is believed to be a haven that accommodates and keeps your car safe. If its door is broken or cracked in any way, drop everything you are doing. Don’t wait till things get out of hand for you to spring to action. The experts are all around and just a phone call away.

Before dialing those numbers, get to know exactly what you are getting your car into. Here are some qualities that will be of use to you:


It is never a proven fact that the most pricey products are the most qualified. On the contrary, you have to assess other factors for you to come to this painful conclusion. One of them is the price and how it got to its current tag.

Garage door repair can only be an expensive affair when left unattended for too long. The earlier you seek professional services, the better it will be for you. An affordable garage door repair team is becoming quite elusive these days.

On the bright side, the Internet is the nearest you can get to garage door experts. Making the most out of it will bail you out of your current problem.


opener for doorWhat if your garage door is on the verge of falling off the hinges? You can’t afford to settle for a company that’s not too serious about punctuality. It gets easier to solve this problem when you are in touch with a garage door repair company that takes punctuality seriously.

While some of us love surprises, the rest of us hate them to the core. To avoid any rude shocks, dig deep and do your research.


No one wants to work with a company that is never available. Utmost seriousness is portrayed by their ability to avail themselves at all times. You can never know when your garage door will start acting up.

As a client, you also have a role to play. Have the contacts close by and call them up at your earliest convenience. In case of any form of inconvenience, either of the parties involved should be able to take full responsibility.

This factor should be able to extend as far as weekends and holidays. Garage doors are unpredictable and require us to always be on our toes.


fixing hingYour ideal garage door repair company must be flexible. Instead of having to contact other companies, ensure that you can access all the services you need under one roof.

This makes it all the easier and saves up your time. In case you need your garage door replaced, it’s as simple as dialing some numbers that already exist in your phone book.

Think of all the convenience you will be able to enjoy when in the hands of such a company. All your garage door woes will be over before you know it.


What to Look for When Buying a Trampoline Chair

Trampoline chairs offer great indoor and outdoor experiences. In the world of furniture, the chairs are an invention that dices across all ages with a trendy cut. The back support and the saggy seat-area give a special net-like feel that cradles every muscle in your body. It’s the perfect chair whether you’re going camping or whether you just feel like sitting in the garden as you watch your children have play-time fun in the backyard. Below is what you need to look at when buying a trampoline chair.

What the chair is made of

Trampoline chairs are made of various materials. You should subsequently decide on the chair that you want to buy depending on the intended use. If you know that you will use the chair from time-to-time, for example, then you’re better off buying a steel frame chair with bungee cords.

Polyester trampoline chairs can be used in any kind weather since they can stand heat and cold in the same breath. Despite these durability characteristics, it’s advisable to keep your trampoline chairs indoors after outdoor use to keep their color ambiance intact.

Weight factors

hold heavy wieghtTrampoline chairs come in various shapes and sizes. This means that they are designed for people of all ages. Therefore, make sure that the chair you choose suits your weight. Adult trampoline chairs have stronger stands with bigger nuts and bolts to support heavier body weight. This doesn’t make them heavier than the children’s versions which are designed to handle less than 180 lb.

Hunters’ trampolines

Consider what you intend to do with the trampoline seat. The hunters’ version is, for instance, different from the garden or the indoor types. Their camouflage features enable you to keep off the animals’ radar in the woods, making it easier to stalk prey and hunt them down from comfortable vantage points.

Consider gender factors

If you have a baby girl and a baby boy, it would be insensitive to get both of them a pink trampoline chair. The chairs come in bright and cool colors to enable you to consider the gender issue. This means that you can get each member of the family his or her favorite color. Color gives a sense of ownership in line with an individual’s taste and preference. Your daughter will, for instance, feel comfortable and trendy sitting on a red trampoline chair in the park, wearing a red top or shorts.

The oversized versions

bed and chairTake note of the size of the collection of trampoline chairs that you choose to buy. Oversized trampoline versions are preferred for their ability to carry hefty body weight. Some people consider the love trampoline chair of choice. This is because you can comfortably sit in it with your spouse or children.

Note that the size can be confusing especially if you’re making an online purchase. Look out for the word “oversize” if you are looking for the biggest trampoline chairs in the online market. Quality and durability aspects must be considered, and there is no better way of doing this than to buy the chair from a certified dealer who knows about the chairs and offer reliable warranty certificates.


Interior Designs For Your Home

After buying what you consider the best home, you need to make sure that your interior has the best designs ever. This might be challenging especially if you are doing it for the first time. The fact that there are several interior designs is what makes it a bit challenging. However, if you do your research and consult those who have a better experience that you do, you can be sure that you will be able to make the right choice. Here are important things that you should keep in your mind before investing in interior designs for your home.

The budget

The budgetBefore you decide the interior design that you are going to embrace, you need to make sure that that you have proper planning for your budget. You do not want a situation where you start a process that you will not be able to complete because of financial constraints. You need to understand that designing is not something that can be done frequently and this, therefore, tells you that you need to make sure that you choose the best design ever. This, however, will be directly affected by the amount of money that you intend to spend on the same.

Your needs

When deciding on the interior design that you want to adopt for your home, you need to first identify your needs. The interior designs are meant to make your life more comfortable, and this can only happen if you are able to choose the design that will be able to meet your demands. There are many designs that are available, and this gives you the luxury of choosing the whatever design that you thin is the best for you.

Specific features

Depending on the amount of money that you are willing to spend on the same, you can always focus on specific features. You might have different designs for your bedroom, dining room, living room and so. To be precise, you need to have clear reasons why you will have to stick with particular designs.

Hiring professions

Hiring professionsThe quality of the interior design that you choose for your home will have a direct impact on the quality of the design that you choose. If you choose a designer, who has been in the industry for a long period and therefore understands what is expected of them. When looking for interior design professionals, you need to make use of the internet to get the information that will enable you to make the right choice.

Home Care: How to Deal With Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are never a pleasant sight because they expose all the dirty water and slurry from the house and leave the place looking messy. They can also be sources of lousy odor that send you gasping for fresh air. You can deal with the problem in a few easy steps and every homeowner needs to know the following issues that affect the options for handling Birmingham blocked drains. Find out more by going through this guide on how to deal with blocked drains.

Is the drain inside or outside?

drainageFinding out where the blockage occurred in your drain should be the first step as it affects the solutions applicable to the situation. Outside blocking is usually due to the build-up of dead leaves and tree roots and other debris. Inside blockage is mostly due to heavy materials and things like polythene bags that will not dissolve in water when flushed.

Use chemical cleaners

Many vendors offer DIY chemical cleaners for unclogging drainage at home or in your business premises. They work effectively in most cases because of the breakdown of most of the material causing the clog.

Unfortunately, not all chemical solutions are good for the environment. Some of them can introduce toxicities that affect your health or the appearance of your garden by killing vegetation that comes meets the drainage water. They may also interfere with nearby water systems.

Use natural home remedies

Household kitchen cleaning solution such as lemon juice and apple cider vinegar can help unclog drainages that block from the inside of the house. They may work when the blockage is due to the buildup of fats and other hard to dissolve substances that pass through your sink.

These options are most suitable for handling clog. The inclusion of salt, in this case, can be very effective as it has the capability of eating away the clog. You will also need to intervene mechanically using a plunger and a hanger to pull out the clog after it breaks down.

Call the expert drainage handlers

drainage homeSometimes calling plumbers is the best solution for you because the problem is recurring and you do not have time to go through the DIY routine. Unlike you, the plumber understands drainages and the tools necessary to handle almost any problem that could be affecting your system.

Plumbers also tend to offer a permanent solution because they inspect the system, find out the cause of the problem and then clean the system. They will also install additional safety and prevention features to ensure the clog does not happen again.

For instance, they could add more filter within the piping or increase the diameter of the pipes so that it can accommodate most of the substances passing through it.

Separate your plumbing systems

The nature of wastewater from your house might differ from different rooms and activity areas. Separation of the piping from these rooms to ensure that they merge at an accessible place that is easy to clean can be a permanent solution to your drainage blockage problems. However, you should only consider this option when the problems you have are recurrent.


Best Maintenance Tips for Power Generators at Home

Power outages at home are not something that we are coming across for the first time. It is almost impossible to go about most of the affairs in the house without the use of electricity. Thankfully, technology has given us a marvelous gift to see us through the dark days. Generators are not usually a top priority in some homes, but they are worth a try. Here are some maintenance tips that will see your best generator serve you for the longest time.

Service it regularly

generator servicingA generator is a big deal and must be treated and handled as such. Servicing may seem like such a huge task to some of us but is worth it. If it is too much to handle alone, try seeking professional help. This has got to be the best idea so far in relation to the well-being of your generator at home. It is not a rosy picture to think you have it functioning perfectly only to realize that there are some underlying problems. This is why servicing it is a must to ensure its durability as well as efficiency.

Clean it up correctly

Since we are talking about a home electricity generator, this requires the highest level of efficiency and care.
There will come a time when you will have to disassemble the parts to have a better look at the inside. Needless to mention that you need to have full knowledge of what you are doing. This way, you will avoid all sorts of complications that might ruin your generator for good. You are much better off when you ask for assistance from a proven expert. They will guide you all the way and even show you the ropes on how to clean it effectively.

Store it correctly

This has got to be the most important point of all. Ensure that you are not storing your generator within the reach of your children. It will be dangerous to have it placed somewhere vulnerable as accidents happen. At the same time, don’t place it somewhere that is too enclosed. Your home generator needs as much ventilation as you can afford. This will ensure that all systems are running effectively and that it will not run the risk of blowing up your house.

Turn it off when not in use

Most homes have the unadvisable tendency to leave the generator running even when they are not required to. It could be a case of either ignorance or negligence. The best way to handle this s is by familiarizing yourself with all the rules for handling a home generator. One of the requirements is that you should learn how it works and what is required of you when handling it.

There comes a time when even the basic knowledge plays a major role for you. Imagine you are home alone and lights are back but you are clueless on how to turn off the generator.


Benefits of a garden turf

A garden turf is a weed-free green grass that is grown for use for a variety of areas like the front lawns, community areas, schoolyards, and gardens. This grass is specially grown to the highest possible standard. Garden turfs are an excellent way of covering up dirt ground, bare ground and gaining a bright, beautiful grassy lawn without waiting for the seedlings to grow. It also comes with many benefits like being climate savvy and eco-friendly. Here are some of the surprise benefits.

Provide oxygen

It is not known to many is that garden turfs can provide a significant amount of required oxygen and simultaneously trap and unwanted pollution of air. Turfs also have a natural cooling effect which is greater than what tree provide for us, and this is highly beneficial towards controlling the climate.polllution

Captures unwanted pollutants

Smoke, exhaust fumes, dust and other air pollutants can cause a detrimental effect on the society today. Garden turfs, however, captures these harmful, unwanted pollutants and filters them into the soil thus making the air safer for us to breathe in.

Erosion control

Turfs are also known for their ability to retain water as well as controlling erosion. Without turf heavy rainfalls can ruin masses of fertile and valuable soils. Turf cleverly cleans and filters water that comes in contact with it . It also allows water to trickle away gently without causing any major damages to the soil.


Turf in naturally a sound proofer which can reduce sound by up to 10Db. This is great for blocking any unwanted traffic noise in the busy residential areas.

Increase property value

Garden turf can increase the value of your property significantly and create a happier atmosphere within the home. Its visual image of lush green ground alone has a higher appeal than gravel, sand, concrete or pebbles. You and your family can feel more inclined to go outside and enjoy the garden when greeted by a carpet comfort.

Allows you enjoy your outdoors

enjoy outdoorIn the kind of urbanized world we live in today, a garden turf can provide you with enough reason to enjoy your home outdoors. Green grassy ground will naturally invite people to sit down and relax in public areas as well as play games. Its softness means it is safer for children to play on as they are not likely to get injured if they fall on the garden turf than if they fall on concrete.

Garden turf has abundant benefits, so you need to get a garden turf for your home enjoys some of these benefits.


Factor to consider when choosing commercial flooring

The market today is full of many commercial options and buyers can get overwhelmed. Your commercial space should look impressive so as far as choosing commercial flooring is involved, you should be very cautious. You need to take care of some things before you can buy a given flooring material. The following are some of the factors that you will consider while selecting commercial floor.


This is a topmost priority when buying anything. The commercial flooring industry has a lot of options. If you are ready to spend on expensive and luxurious wood flooring, then you can select and install them. But if your budget is constrained and you want the floor to look elegant like wood floors, then you can buy wood effect vinyl flooring. They are cheaper and resembles the wood floors.wood flooring

Choose materials with limitless designs

The design of your floor will change the entire ambiance of the room so it is vital that you choose designs that can make a lasting impression on your visitors. Laminate flooring is a great option since it has a lot of designs and does not limit you. Besides, it feels and looks like the real wood and is also affordable.


vinyl floorSince commercial floors bear huge human traffic, you should take care to select the kind that can endure tear and wear and one that can be cleaned easily. Commercial vinyl flooring is one flooring type that is easy to install, can be cleaned with much ease and can be replaced easily. The quality vinyl flooring comes with up to 10 years of warranty which is attractive to any homeowner. You can repair the floor easily, and you require a mop and a damp cloth to clean it. They are resistant to water so they cannot be affected by spills.

Business can be affected by the décor of the commercial space. Floors can enhance the overall beauty and elegance of your workplace. Therefore the type of flooring you decide to install will have a great significance in your workplace and business at large. Choose the right flooring material to make your commercial space great. Use these tips when choosing you will not go worn in your selection. Do some research as well on every flooring material as this will narrow the options for you.

Proper Tucson

100 Essential Dishes: Prop Prop Wings

by Brad on March 27, 2014 in In the News
In our 2013 Best of Tucson issue, one of the staff picks called Proper’s Prop Prop Wings the “Best Future Addition to Tucson’s 100 Essential Dishes.” Proper’s sweet, spicy and fish-sauce funky take on Portland, Oregon’s famous Thai restaurant Pok Pok’s appetizer is among a bunch of their menu items that could have made this list, but since we called it back in October, we should probably stick to them.

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Proper holds “cash mob” event to support farm education, has designs on brand new meatery

by Brad on January 21, 2014 in In the News
The early 21st century finds us putting more thought than ever before into what comes across our plates. Not simply a matter of eating healthfully, but in terms of people questioning where the food came from, and by what processes was the food raised or grown. Horror stories of lessened USDA oversight, fast food misadventures in bacteria, and rising concerns over genetically-modified seed crops have placed new premiums on information pertaining to an easily traceable, local point of origin for what we’re eating.

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Proper goes all “simple life”

by Brad on January 15, 2014 in In the News
Tucson eatery, Proper, 300 E. Congress St., has partnered with locally based Farm Education Resource Network or FERN, to solidify the “farm to table” culture. Proper Tucson will be donating 1 percent of cash sales for 2014 to fund an apprenticeship program providing opportunities for the future farmers of Arizona. Proper is known for its reliance on ingredients sourced from Arizona’s farming and ranching communities and has taken it one step further in its efforts to give back to the local industries that feed us Tucsonans.

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A Proper Partnership

by Brad on January 1, 2014 in In the News
We’ve known that Proper Tucson is committed to “farm to table” eating. Now the downtown Tucson eatery is proving as much through a new partnership with the locally based Farm Education Resource Network (FERN). The budding idea from Walking J Farm and Sleeping Frog Farms was developed by Tina Bartsch and Debbie Weingarten who are planting the seeds for development opportunities for the future farmers of Arizona.

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Proper interior
Downtown Tucson Dining: Proper + Diablo Burgers

by Brad on May 5, 2013 in In the News
Oh, what a fabulous night. Edie Jarolim knew the chef at Proper Restaurant so us food writers, myself and Rita Connelly, were invited to the friends and family opening. Let’s hear it for elegantly-inspired industrial chic. Think high ceilings, exposed pipes, polished wood, scored concrete floors, plush colorful banquettes. Let the noise level ring.

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Paul Moir is putting the finishing touches on Proper before the May 6th opening.
Proper Bursts Into the Already Bustling Downtown Restaurant Scene

by Brad on May 1, 2013 in In the News
Downtown Tucson is experiencing a renaissance with a parade of new restaurants, including Proper, the most recent vision by Flagstaff-based Paul Moir. Taking up the entire corner of Congress St. and 5th Ave. where the Rialto Exhibition Center used to be, this upscale eatery will be opening its doors Monday, May 6th. The restaurant arrives just in time for residents moving in to several new apartment buildings Downtown.

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Rialto Building in Tucson, Arizona
The Flagstaff Connection Hits Downtown’s Dining Scene

by Brad on October 15, 2012 in In the News
You’ve heard of Flagstaff’s restaurant renaissance in just the past few years? Well, two of the culinary poster children in Lumberjack country are bringing their great eats to the eastern edge of Downtown Tucson.

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Criollo Latin Kitchen in Flagstaff, AZ
Popular Flagstaff Restaurateurs Expand to Tucson (Not Phoenix) and Who Can Blame Them?

by Brad on September 28, 2012 in In the News
When Flagstaff restaurateur Paul Moir of Brix Restaurant and Wine Bar and Criollo Latin Kitchen and his good friend and fellow eat-local enthusiast Derrick Widmark of Diablo Burger left me a voice mail saying they had some good news to share, I was delirious. I figured they were expanding their operations to Phoenix, both of them, just as they’d spoken of doing for over a year. It even crossed my mind they were doing something together.

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